Things to know for those who will be mother first time

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If you will be a mother you never forget that your milk always the best for your baby. You should daily feed your baby with your milk therefore you will guarantee your baby’s health. The mother’s milk is very important for a great immune system.

Breastfeeding also has important benefits for mother as well. By you are breastfeeding you will get rid of many of stress and depression factor. You will also give your energy to baby and be a complete “mother”.

What you should know before you be a mother?

By breastfeeding you will create a perfect eye contact with your baby. This eye contact is very important to create a safety feeling on your baby. Safety is very important for a baby and mother relationship. These precious moments will save your baby’s life and change his brain forever.

Before you breastfeeding you can prepare your chest. In order to prevent getting hurt while doing breastfeeding you can use a moist cream.


The struggle of women who are mothers for the first time

At first times your baby’s stool may be look dark, do not worry this is totaly normal for first times. After a while, this status will be changed and the color of stool will be turned to normal color.

Diaper changing will also be hard for mothers at first time, but do not worry, this circumstance will pass soon. You should change your baby’s diaper 12 times in a day. This is important for an healthy baby.

Vital important information for new mothers

mother and children

mother and children

You should also clean your baby’s down sides with warm water and clothes with cotton. You can also use baby oil to make his feel better. Your baby’s comfort is very important for a healthy mind.

To prevent rashes, you can leave your child’s skin open for a while without diapers for air to breathe. This will prevent irritation.