What shoes are trending for 2020? Women shoes trends in 2020 Spring/ Summer

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Every major city has its own dynamics when it comes to shoes inspiration. New York is very strong for independent designers. Milan stands out as the city of luxury leather accessories. London has unusual and cool styles. And Paris is always at the top. There are still a few shoe trends that connect all cities.

Of course, you can expect designs that leave your fingers exposed for the hot days of 2020. But models are not limited to sandals. We even have news that will make everyone happy. Comfort is in fashion this year. Whether on flat floors or platforms, comfort is the priority of this season.

Now let’s look at the 2020 Spring / Summer shoes trends together by following the traces left by the fashion weeks.

Trending women shoes for 2020 Summer

1- Shoes above ground

The season is ready to support your feet with powerful platforms. There are great models from leather boots to sandals that reflect the glamorous feeling of the 70s. Platform heel seems to be a popular option.

2- For the sake of Mary Jane

In previous seasons, we have seen high-fashioned high-heeled shoes that relieve the passion of nostalgia with batiks or shell jewelery.

In the Spring / Summer season of 2020, women are looking at Mary Jane shoes. Shoes reinterpreted in vivid colors and different heel heights are the most romantic part of the season.

Bestseller women shoes for 2020 summer

3- In-depth modern and minimal

Minimalism always manages to pass by leaving traces on the catwalks. However, under 2020 Spring / Summer season, understated forms meet very modern details. You can give a chance to sandals with cut-toe sandals or flip-flops with sculptured heels.

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