What is the most popular nail color for 2020? Hollywood Spring / Summer 2019 2020 Nail Trends

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This year, more patterns come to the fore in the nails. However, women will prefer to come up with flat nail polish colors that will not bother themselves. Now the dress we wear for nails is important for the nail polish we use. Nail fashion should be evaluated in this way and 2020 should be met as such.

Nails 2020

Nails 2020

That’s what we’ve said so far. However, if you want, we can offer suggestions to those who say that I have time. We tried to compile the new nail fashion for you by compiling. Now, it is fashionable to apply the same color to all fingers on the nails. Among the new trends, there are important details such as painting the two nails in different colors.

What are nail color trends for 2020 year?

Nails desing

Nails desing


2020 Nail Fashion and Models

Strange changes began in the shape, not in nail colors. In addition, it seems that men will not like this situation very much. The fashion of very sharp nails and long nails, which we will call witch nails, is starting again very soon, friends. You may be afraid to see them in everyone.

Red Nails

Red, which always makes women look beautiful and suits everyone, is of course also a favorite this year. Red lipstick and nails can be very striking with your clothes in black or gray tones in winter. When choosing your nail polish, you should pay attention to its quality.

Orange nails

Orange color will suit your nails very well. You can apply with smoky eye makeup in cold weather. For such nails, which will make you noticed, you should determine the appropriate nail polish well. Take care to choose a quality brand.

What are the nail trends for 2020? Hollywood nail trends for 2020

Nails Trends

Nails Trends

Pink color nail fashion

The image of the ballerina this season is quite fashionable. You can have sweet ballerina pink nails from head to toe.

Chrome nails

Metallic textured chrome nails will make you look pretty cool.

Gray or purple nails

Natural colors of gray-purple or gray-beige mix are quite trending.