What are the makeup trends for 2020 year? Detailed review and information

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makeup trends

makeup trends

What are the new makeup trends for 2020 year? What are the makeup trends for 2020 year? What are the trend makeup colors for 2020? We will answer these questions below:

Year of Modern Matte Foundation: 2020

Matte-looking skin makeup is the signature of the 90s, but when we say “matte foundation”, we can say that the thick foundation foundations remained completely in the 90s. It is now the “modern mat” era. The foundations that will take place in our makeup bag in 2020 will now have high coverage. There will be foundations that never weigh and offer a matte finish. In other words, the foundations that look like second skin instead of such intense makeup but also cover the flaws are in fashion this year.

eyeliner trends

eyeliner trends

What are the new makeup trends?

Bright Eye Makeup with Gloss

Let’s see those who say bright lips according to 90’s! The bright lip trend has been popular since last year. The mirror gloss now splashed into eye makeup. If you think about how to keep up with the “Glossy eye makeup” trend, it is enough to have a lip gloss!


90s Breeze: Brown Lips

hollywood trends

hollywood trends

Another look that marked the 90’s was brown lipsticks. Whichever photo from the 90’s we look at, the first thing that catches our attention is brown lip makeup. If you want to try the brown lipstick trend, you can easily find extra permanent lipsticks with different shades around. Also, you should definitely add these liquid matte lipsticks to your makeup bag with their delicious chocolate scents!

Hollywood makeup trends in 2020 year


Cat Eyes: Eyeliner Ageless Fashion

In eye makeup, eyeliner seems to take over 2020 makeup trends. Eyeliner makeup, which attracted attention with its graphic forms last year, is also in cat eye form this year. For an attractive, feminine and ambitious eye make-up, you should try great cat eye eyeliner styles around!