A few tips for a comfortable pregnancy period in 2020 year

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You can make minor changes in everyday life to have a comfortable pregnancy. For example, meet your vitamin D requirement from the sun, cook your meals with iodized salt, walk outdoors, start the day with warm water, do not lock the door of the bathroom and toilet.

Tips for pregnant women in 2020 year

How should pregnant women dress?


From the third month on, there will be weight gain, the abdomen will begin to grow, swelling in the feet, legs and arms. For this reason, comfortable, wide, non-sweating cotton or combed clothes should be preferred so as not to bother the expectant mothers. Narrow, synthetic clothes should not be worn as they increase the risk of fungal infections and make circulation difficult. Orthopedic shoes should be used instead of high heels.


Is it normal to have difficulty breathing?


Later in pregnancy, the lung cannot expand easily during breathing and breathing becomes difficult. Therefore, pregnant women should stay away from crowded, stuffy and smoking environments. He should avoid strenuous movements and do his daily work with rest.

Advices for pregnant women – Healthy pregnancy recommendations

What to do if there are swelling in the body?


Water retention in the body under the influence of hormones is the cause of edema during pregnancy. To prevent swelling and edema it should not be standing for a long time, tight rubber socks and underwear should be worn, legs should be raised by resting.


Are the symptoms of tiredness, excessive sleep and insomnia normal?


Especially in the first four months of pregnancy, expectant mothers may feel extremely tired and sleepless. There is nothing that can and can be done on this subject. Heed the needs of the body and rest abundantly. Regardless of regular sleep, nutrition and how hard you work, it is very important to rest at any opportunity, to have a quality pregnancy period.


Headaches are common in the early stages of pregnancy. Rest and walking outdoors can help. These headaches usually disappear spontaneously towards the middle of pregnancy.