2020 Bag Trends in Hollywood Streets  

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Although the trends of luxury bags that every woman wants to have vary in patterns in some seasons, the patterns and models mostly follow a classic line. Here are the luxury bags we will encounter in 2020.

2020 Hollywood Bag Trends for Women

bag trends

bag trends


Chanel 19 bag


The Chanel 19 bag is definitely in trend this year. This model, which appeared last year, will surely pass 2020. This magnificent bag was re-inspired by an old bag model of the famous publisher.

Bottega Veneta: BV Jodie


Bottega Veneta is preparing to put its mark on the bag industry in 2020. The company, which produces the best bags without any doubt, makes bags to many celebrities from Hollywood. The company’s glory will continue with the trends it has created this year. It is not known which bags are trending, but the company will mark this summer with its new models, that’s for sure.

women bag

women bag

Gucci 1955

Gucci 1955 bag models continue from where they left off. This series that embodies all the ideals of the brand is truly dazzling. When you see the logo of the brand on the bags, your heart may be excited from the excitement. It is really stylish.

Bestseller Bag Trends of Summer 2020

best bag

best bag

Celine: Teen Triomphe

This bag company seems to mark the season again. The company, which produces bags for Hollywood celebrities, is preparing to reach high sales figures all over the world.

Double bag models

The designers used interesting ways to make women’s bags attractive this year. One of them is like the bags that look like its mini version attached on a big bag. Of course, we want to take so many things with us when women leave the house that we get lost in big bags. That’s why I liked this idea. You can put your phone and wallet inside the small bag. Thus, you can reach the contents more comfortably.